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Bishop, II, Ed.S., William Principal
Stovall, Cindy Assistant Principal
Maxon, Kim Assistant Principal

Avalos, Carla ELL
Bishop, II, Ed.S., William Principal
Bowlen, Beverly High School Foreign Language, Speech, and ACT Prep
Brockman, Wesley Music/Band
Burt, Crystal Fourth Grade
Cawley, Adrian High School History
Colburn, Janet CTE Business
Coleman, Sherry Elementary/Middle School Counselor
Collins, Kim CTE STEM
Davis, Brent Middle School Math
Davis, Brook Middle School Science
Davis, Karlee Fifth Grade
Edmondson, Mike PE/Wellness
Fanning, Krista Kindergarten
Frame, Brandy Middle School RLA
Gardner, Melany Middle School Interventionist
Garrett, Cindy Middle School ELA
Hill, Donna Librarian
Hillis, Christina Middle School 7th RLA
Houk, Amy Pre-School
Jackson, Jennifer First Grade
Jernigan, Mike Middle School Social Studies
Jernigan, Stephanie High School Math
Johnson, Heather Speech/Language Pathologist
Jones, Leslie Fifth Grade
Joynt, Pam School Counselor
Kuhar, Tracy First Grade
LaFevers, Misty Kindergarten
Long, Martha High School Exceptional Student Education
Mathews, Karen High School Science
Mayes, Debbie High School English
McLennan, Sean High School Social Studies
Michael, Karen Fifth grade
Phillips, Stacey Fourth Grade Language Arts and Social Studies
Pickett, Sarah Jane High School English
Pogue, Michelle Third Grade
Reed, Kermit P.E./Wellness
Riddle, Jennifer Second Grade
Robertson, Bob High School Social Studies
Sanson, Gary Art
Speer, Amberley Special Education
Stinnett, Tabitha Middle School Math
Stone, Chanda Middle School Sci/SS
Tipps, Kassidy First Grade
Tipps, Michael High School Math
Walker, Jane Second Grade
Walker, Jason CTE Agriculture
Walker, Rebecca High School Science
Williams, Sheila Middle School Math
Wright, Leslie Third Grade

Ashely, Shelia Cafeteria
Brazelton, Marla Cafeteria
Crain, Lisa Cafeteria
Dickson, Lisa Edcational Assistant
Finney, Anrae School Nurse
Gamble, Debby High School Computer Lab Assistant
Garrett, Dean Attendance
George, Judy Cafeteria
Gray, Tammy Elementary Computer Lab Assistant
Green, Andy Custoidan
Holliday, Charlotte Custodian
Jacks, Denise Educational Assistant
Johnson, Jeanette Cafeteria
Limbaugh, Hayley Special Services Assistant
Luttrell, April School Nurse
Luttrell, Linda Educational Assistant
Martin, Vickie Custodian
Maxwell, Dianne Custodian
McCaleb, Robin Cafeteria
McClure, Robert Custodian
Parks, Louise Receptionist
Perkins, Courtney Special Services Assistant
Sanders, Tammy Bookkeeper
Smith, Debbie Cafeteria
Steele, Teresa Guidance Secretary
Stines, Jenifer Pre K Educational Assistant
Vandiver, Melisa Cafeteria
Walker, Janna Pre K Educational Assistant
Wilkerson, Lori Cafeteria Manager